The purpose of this Web content style guide is to clarify the design and management of Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) Web pages, thereby contributing to the uniformity and professionalism of KSU’s Web presence. It is presented as a reference to ensure attention to the following key objectives of all KSU Web pages:

  • Established Identity: Immediately recognizable University branding must be present to confirm affiliation with KSU.
  • Consistency: Because of the vast number of KSU departments, schools, and programs, uniformity between Web pages is vital to achieve the goal of presenting a cohesive University Website.
  • Accuracy: Pages should be free from error and display up-to-date information.
  • Usability: Navigation of sites must be efficient, intuitive, and clear, making information easily understood for the widest possible audience.


This Web content style guide is intended for use by all KSU faculty and staff tasked with designing, developing, and/or managing a Web page within the KSU Website.


Any official University Web page that represents Kennesaw State University, its programs, departments, or schools should adhere to the guidelines detailed in this Web content style guide. Despite their affiliation with KSU, student organizations and/or groups fall outside the scope of this Web content style guide.


Within the KSU Web content style guide, Web authors will find:

  1. An explanation and guide to visual elements, including colors, typography, images/photography, and icons
  2. An overview of the snippets and icons, including their corresponding elements, available for use in page development
  3. A description of required elements (i.e. template, navigation, and naming conventions)
  4. Reference material regarding writing for the Web, including best practices, usage guidelines, and treatment of frequently-used terms
  5. Accessibility requirements
  6. A general introduction to Modern Campus Omni CMS and the ways in which the program is utilized